Crossroads got its name because it was much more experimental than the path BATW stayed true to. In BATW, our originals stayed within our roots of rock and blues. Tubby’s input shaped much of the work, his remarkable skills as a balladeer, songwriter and gifted singer was a big part of the diverging paths we took. We also need to thank Sean Magee for lending his prodigious guitar skills to New Horizons and With You Gone and others, effortlessly adding lead work to those tracks.

You’ll hear a wide variety of musical styles in the albums below, and the one thing they all had in common was the fun we had making them, sharing ideas and following in the kind of open collaboration that made BATW so special.

Good examples of this on Blueprint, our first outing, include Ed’s “Your Money”, which sounds more like a Beatles tune than anything else we’d done before and Al’s genius idea to create “A Little Ditty” as a lead in to “Everything About You”. The result sounds like Rudy Vallee meets AC/DC meets Pink Floyd! Clearly the most experimental thing we’d ever tried since we went overboard on Al’s “Flies In February” way back when.

The Albums

As we watched the manhunt following the Boston Marathon bombing, I grabbed a notebook and a guitar and Cold Day was written on the spot
Working on a track in our studio

Tweaking a pedal in the home studio during a session

What was a typical session in our home studio like? Have a look!
Woodshedding a new song idea…
An alternate take on New Horizons
After all these years, I’m still against the wall!

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